Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RightGlass cost?
There is a $5 charge for each successful lookup in RightGlass. A successful lookup means we identified the correct replacement glass and have highlighted it in the results.
All I see are NAGS parts, where are the OEM parts?
There is a link at the bottom right that reads “Display OEM parts instead?” Click this link to display the OEM parts.
What happens if RightGlass doesn’t highlight any results?
You will get part information and a notification that we couldn’t find RightGlass results for your vehicle and you will not be charged.
What if the wrong part is identified?
In the Results History screen, you can report an incident of a wrong part, and we will refund you your charge.
What happens if I look up the same VIN twice?
You will not be charged. Additionally, in the Results History screen, you can view all your previous searches and see the results again by clicking the VIN.
What does the phone icon mean?
This means that our data suggests that this we have identified the right part, but we’re not confident enough to recommend installing that glass without consulting the dealer. You are not charged for a RightGlass result when this icon appears
How is my card charged?
We use Stripe, an online payment provider, which will securely process your credit card information.
Do I have to enter my credit card every time?
No, you do not. If you want to save your credit card with Stripe, you may check the "Remember my Information" checkbox in the Stripe form the first time you use it. For all future transaction your card details will already be populated for you.